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This has been a help and complement the existing scientific studies in the field. One reflection we made in search of articles is that there seems to be more studies of how search engines work and how their algorithms can be improved, than how you should proceed improving web-page positioning and the factors shaping it. Sources can be judged by different criteria as authenticity, independence and quality. If you look at the textbooks and scientific papers used can be assumed that they are genuine and no fakes. As the literature found using libris and borrowed from university library and the articles retrieved through databases of scientific publications, based we are from that there is no reason to question their authenticity. Furthermore, examined both books and articles before publication, which provides support for content is reliable and of good quality.

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When it comes to electronic sources, such as blogs, are using this paper to some extent information and statements from matt cutts who work at google. The use of a source connected to the right google could be questioned. Since this paper concentrates against just google, one could argue that this is not an independent source. But because google's methods to local seo packages compile their meeting results are guarded trade secrets, in some cases, no other sources to start with. Google's mission is also to present relevant results lists. Although they do not reveal all the details of how hit the results are compiled, it is in google's interest to follow their guidelines and methods of optimization in an ethically acceptable manner.

In addition, these references in some cases as a complement to other references of a claim. Limitations since search engine optimization is a broad area, we have chosen to make certain boundaries. As above mentioned there are hundreds of variables that can affect google ranking. We have chosen to focus on the core methods. Thesis limited scope is also a local seo services india reason this selection. Other boundaries, we have decided to do is to only concentrate on google, the largest search engine in the current situation. Then a description of the key tasks involved in search engine optimization efforts, divided into categories of on-page and off-page methods. We also take up dubious methods, termed black hat that can be used to manipulate the match results and thereby violates google's guidelines.

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Neither we touch the meta search engines available, which compiles hit results by other search engines. We also have chosen to ignore the area that deals with the search results you pay for, it is google calls for see more sponsored links.advertising is google'sbiggest. By using service google adwords, you can create text-based ad links displayed for different keywords and pay each time someone clicks on dessa. Another reason we do not choose to focus on the sponsored search results, they can perceive differently over the organic. A common view is that there is less reliance on sponsored links than the organic search result. This is also confirmed in studies gjorts.

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It may be mentioned that a study by the us internet users found that more than half of the subjects were unaware of the difference between paid and unpaid links. As little as one-fifth said they could distinguish between these in all situationer. One might ask if the same applies to users in other countries, sweden. However, one can speculate whether professional seo companies internet users, more than half a decade later, has improved its ability to distinguish search results. Furthermore, headlining google these sponsored links. This is beyond the scope of this paper. Outline this text begins by describing google's creation and provide a brief summary of how its search engine searches the internet to index web pages, and the grounds for pagerank algorithm, which is a key factor in meeting the results be ranked.